1. Do I need a partner?

Nope - We can pair you up once you join us! Most of us joined without a partner and changed partners until we found someone we pair well with!

2. can i attend with a partner?


3. what do i wear? Do i need shoes?

Whatever is comfortable for you to move in! If you do decide to commit to Ballroom, we can outfit you with the proper footwear slightly later in the Semester :) We recommend covered shoes, as well as a flowy skirt for Ladies and long pants for Men.

4. what is the difference between beginner, advanced & technique?

You don't need any prior experience or any sort of dance background to join our beginner classes! They are tailored for complete newbies to pick up Ballroom dancing. Our advanced classes require some understanding of Ballroom dance, you might have to practice on your own to catch up and refine the steps learnt. More complicated choreography and technique will be taught. Technique classes teach you how to execute the choreography correctly. During the beginner and advanced classes, we will learn choreography. The technique classes supplement this by teaching us how to execute each step properly.

5. what are rounds?

Ballroom is a partner dance, but there are many solo dancers as well. Each couple or individual has a different routine, rounds are when everyone is dancing to the same set of music on the floor. During rounds, we practice our individual routines, technique and navigation (try not to crash into each other!) Rounds are absolutely vital in becoming a better dancer and they also simulate the competition environment.

6. how do i register and pay?

Sign-Up for AY2019/2020 is open! Register for membership here on NUSync: bit.ly/NUSBallroomMembership




You can alternatively scan the following QR code:




Payment will be collected in Cash during our Welcome Session. If you are unable to attend our Welcome Session, please make payment by the first lesson on 21January. We will issue a receipt upon payment.

Your NUSync form will be approved once you have made payment.


7. can i join mid-semester?

There are optimal points where you can drop in and join us. For instance, if we are starting to learning the Tango, since we are starting a new dance with new choreography, you can join in seamlessly! Contact us via email (nusballroom@gmail.com) or via any of our social media platforms to enquire about this!  Instagram: @nusballroom / Facebook: facebook.com/nusballroom

8. Must i compete?

Nope - feel free to dance with us recreationally! The training is designed to make you look good on the dance floor, this will apply to both recreational dancing and competitive dancing.

9. Are there auditions?

NO. We believe that anyone who wants to dance should be able to learn to dance! However, you should be physically fit and mentally well enough to partake in Ballroom dance.

10. Why do i need to pay fees? what do my fees cover?

We collect fees so that we have sufficient funds to pay for the instructors that coach us throughout the Semester! The funds also go toward paying for our use of the studios, subsidizing competition registration fees, as well as other events by NUS Ballroom! There will be weekly classes every semester with the exception of recess week, reading week, and weeks where classes clash with public holidays (the makeup class might be held on recess or reading week).

11. what classes can i join?

We are currently not accepting intake for Latin, for interest in taking up either of the 5 Latin genres, please approach our sister club, Viva LatiNUS! For beginners, please do join our Beginner Standard class and Technique/Rounds Class. For those who are experienced Ballroom dancers, please do approach us and we can work something out :)

12. is the recap compulsory?

The recap is not compulsory! However, we do strongly encourage that you join us! The seniors around can help to clarify your doubts, refine your dance moves and help you improve and look amazing on the dance floor :)